What We Did?

Boosting Speedy Auto Glass's Website Traffic By 200x : A Success Story in 3 Months

What was the challenge?

Speedy Auto Glass,

A top windshield repair service in Canada, faced a big problem. Their website wasn’t showing up on Google because it wasn’t set up well for search engines.

Our Solution:

We took quick and effective steps to fix this:

  • Local SEO: We created content that talked about Speedy Auto Glass in each area they serve. This helped bring in local customers looking for windshield repair.
  • Keyword Analysis: We looked at what other similar businesses were doing online. Then, we found specific words that weren’t too competitive and used them on Speedy Auto Glass’s website. This made their site show up higher in online searches.
  • Content Upgrade: We made the content on their website better for Google to understand. We also added new pages with helpful information for people interested in windshield repairs.
  • Getting Good Links: We worked to get links from other trusted websites to Speedy Auto Glass’s site. This made Google see their site as more important and move it up in search results.


Our hard work paid off in a big way:

  • Calls and Leads: Went up by a huge 755%
  • Organic Traffic: Surged an amazing 1900%
  • More Keywords Showing Up: Increased by a substantial 217%
  • Top Search Positions (1-3): Got a fantastic 500% boost


Speedy Auto Glass’s website is now much more visible online. More people are finding them, and that’s bringing in a lot more business. It’s been a great success in just three months!

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